L’Arriere-Main Hermes carre

L’Arriere-Main Hermès carré by Philippe Ledoux 1969 – RARE – Personal Collection

The lovely L’Arriere-Main Philippe Ledoux carré draws its inspiration from a painting by Théodore Géricault entitled Les Croupes, (The Hindquarters/Buttocks).

Théodore Géricault was a French Romantic Painter (1791-1824) from Rouen, France. His oil painting entitled Les Croupes, (The Hindquarters/Buttocks) provided the Inspiration for the 1969 Hermès carré, L’Arriere-Main by Philippe Ledoux

Most likely the studies for this painting found their inspiration at the Royal Stable, the Grande Écurie of Versailles, an impressive structure that could accommodate up to six hundred horses. Constructed during the 17th century under the watchful eye of Jules Hardouin-Mansart, the Royal Stables have been home to the Equestrian Arts Academy (Académie du spectacle équestre) since 2003.

The Great Stables or Royal Stable, the Grande Écurie, at the Palace of Versailles
Les Croupes – close up

Les Croupes, which portrays twenty-four horses from behind is rather an unusual compositions as it features the hindquarters and not the heads of twenty-four horses in three neat rows. Surprisingly there is one defiant horse that stands out as it is turned around facing us, the audience. I cannot help but attribute lightness and humor to this rather unusual arrangement and composition.

Perhaps charmed by this as well was what inspired Philippe Ledoux to reproduce the Les Coupes as a drawing for his 1969, L’Arriere-Main, now highly sought-after design.


Surprisingly Monsieur Ledoux omits the rebellious horse in his drawing but includes the same checkered blankets that are very often found in Géricault’s other paintings. Perhaps it will remain a mystery why Ledoux left the defiant horse out, but included the horse blankets, which undoubtedly link his design to the French master’s. With this the L’Arriere-Main Hermès carré features three rows but only twenty-three hindquarters and not the twenty-four from its original Inspiration.


Auteuil en Mai HERMES Rare Silk Scarf by Carl de Parcevaux 1997

Auteuil en Mai Hermes silk scarf has several delightful vignettes with a rich equestrian history

Auteuil en Mai HERMES Close Up

Auteuil en Mai, Auteuil in May, pays tribute to the Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris run at the Auteuil Racecourse, an 82 acre horse racing facility, specifically designed for steeplechase and in operation since 1874.

The Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris takes place in late May and is the richest, most prestigious and also the most difficult jumps race not only in France but the world.  Only the best jockeys and their steeds compete here and must overcome the 23 obstacles over a 3.75 mile course, home to two of the most difficult jumps in the world.

Auteuil, today part of Auteuil-Neuilly-Passy, is adjacent to the famous Bois de Boulogne Park (the inspiration for one of Hugo Grygkar‘s scarves). As the 16th and possibly the richest of all the Parisian arrondissements, it is also home to the “other” Statue of Liberty.

map copyright of GOOGLE

Carl de Parcevaux, who has brought us other favorites such as Chasse au Bois and Christophe Colombe , has created a rare and highly sought after carre.

At the center is the racecourse with its stands in the distance, surrounded by various vignettes celebrating this famous venue and its prestigious race.

Auteuil en Mai Hermes silk scarf (100% silk) – Highly Sought After
Designed by Carl de Parcevaux in 1997

Preview – Joies d’Hiver and Neige D’Antan

You will definitely be ready for this Holiday Season with one of our scarves.

Both coming soon…


Plumes Et Grelots HERMES VTG Silk Jacquard Scarf-22

Joies d’Hiver HERMES Silk Jacquard – unworn condition

Plumes Et Grelots HERMES VTG Silk Jacquard Scarf-2

Neige d'Antan HERMES VTG Silk Scarf-4

Neige d'Antan HERMES VTG Silk Scarf-2

Neige D’Antan HERMES Vintage Silk Scarf 

Grand Manege HERMES Carre NIB

New Arrival: Grand Manege in unworn condition

Grand Manege HERMES Silk Scarf (9)Grand Manege HERMES Silk Scarf (11)Grand Manege HERMES Silk Scarf (12)Grand Manege HERMES Silk Scarf (13)Grand Manege HERMES Silk Scarf (14)Grand Manege HERMES Silk Scarf (15)Grand Manege HERMES Silk Scarf (1)Grand Manege HERMES Silk Scarf (4)Grand Manege HERMES Silk Scarf (5)

For all of you “ole timers” like me…

I thought I had to share this…

I have had my camera for over ten years and love it because it is simple enough to use and I am quite familiar with it. It is a Lumix by Panasonic DCM-FZ18.  For the past year, I have been seriously considering upgrading and have asked several pros what camera they might recommend. And I quickly realized that everyone has if not a favorite camera then perhaps a favorite brand.  I finally decided it was time and I purchased a fancy (expensive) camera just to return it after some disappointing photos.  I am very much set on capturing colors as true-to-life as possible, which has at times been quite challenging.

I recently switched to an iPhone.  While in Miami I did not feel like bringing my camera along since it is a bit bulky, so I thought I would try out my iPhone

Here are some sample photos…

The Villa Casa Casuarina - Versace's former home

The Villa Casa Casuarina – Versace’s former home. Looks small from Ocean Drive, but do not be fooled.

A Florida Alligator minding his own business

A Florida Alligator minding his own business


Española Way, Miami Beach

Pleased with the quality of the shots, I just tried out my iPhone for the Pittoresque Fantaisie carre.

What do you think. Not bad, right? 🙂

Fantaisie Pittoresque HERMES Silk Scarf_-9

Fantaisie Pittoresque HERMES


Fantaisie Pittoresque HERMES

Carrousel by Christiane Vauzelles for HERMES, 1984

This scarf celebrates, as do a number of other HERMES designs, France’s most prominent monarch, His Majesty, King Louis XIV.


Louis XIV, The Sun King – Painting at Versailles and the Inspiration for the HERMES carre Ludovicus Magnus (see below)

The Sun King, or Louis the Great, ruled France from 1643 until his death, 1 September 1715, making his monarchy the longest in European history.  Under his rule France was involved in three major wars and established itself as the leading power in Europe.

Louis XIV moved from Paris to Versailles and transformed the once modest hunting lodge into the spectacular chateau we know it as today.

It became both his primary residence and his seat of power.


View from Versailles towards the gardens

Before Louis’ reign, French aristocrats imported their fashions from Spain, purchased their lace in Venice and their silk in Milan.  Louis changed everything from architecture and furniture to jewelry and fashion.  During his reign he made France the leader in Luxury and has been credited to give birth to Haute Couture.


Bedroom at Versailles

Jean Bérain the Elder was the chief designer and artist for Louis’ court.  He oversaw everything from entertainment to furniture design.

In her scarf, Carrousel, Christiane Vauzelles features a beautiful horse with a harness that would make Berain and even His Majesty, the Sun King himself, approve.

Carrousel HERMES Silk Scarf

Carrousel HERMES Silk Scarf

Carrousel HERMES Silk Scarf w-Box-4

Carrousel carre can be purchased by clicking on image above an following link

Hermes has issued numerous scarves celebrating Louis XIV and here a couple more – enjoy

Les Fetes du Roi Soleil Fireworks Jacquard

Les Fetes du Roi Soleil Fireworks Jacquard

Feux d'Artifice Jacquard

Feux d’Artifice HERMES Silk Jacquard



Chasse au Bois HERMES Carre – NIB

I adore this scarf.

Warm golden caramel against the slate and teal blue remind me of early autumn days after the hot summer sun has turned once verdant meadows into shimmering gold.

Chasse Au Bois HERMES Silk Scarf UNWORNLooking through a window onto a world so distant and yet so close and lifelike.

I grew up in central Europe at a time, when hunting was part of everyday life. Two of my uncles, dressed up in their handsome uniforms, boots and hats, would return from the woods with what later my aunts magically transformed into a delicious venison Sauerbraten.  Too young to make the connection at the time, I romanticized the idea of a hunt, until one time, I convinced one of my uncles to take me along.  Well, I will point out, that I have not eaten venison since…

What I love about this scarf is, that I see a scene that may have started out as a “hunt”, but to my delight, turned into a failed mission early on.

Have the foxes, the rabbit, the deer and the woodpecker outsmarted the two men and their hounds?

Both men look like they are more on a hike through the woods than a hunt; out in the open, they look a bit distracted, not focused at all.  Only one of them brought his rifle along, the other one brought his horn!?  For what, to announce the beginning of a hunt?  I don’t think so…

Don’t they realize they have been found out?

I am pretty certain there was no Sauerbraten on their table that night (and hopefully not any other night)

Chasse Au Bois HERMES Silk Scarf UNWORN-5

Chasse Au Bois HERMES Silk Scarf UNWORN-8Chasse Au Bois HERMES Silk Scarf UNWORN-4

HERMES Silk Scarf-25.jpgHERMES Silk Scarf-27.jpg

Hermes Chasse au Bois carre MIB – AVAILBLE
Chasse au Bois Hermes carre – AVAILABLE

Petite Vénerie HERMES Carre by Charles J. Hallo – GRAIL

Petite Vénerie was designed by Charles Jean Hallo and originally issued in 1968. Like so many of Monsieur Hallo’s scarves, the subject matter is the hunt, but here, just a petite rabbit hunt.

Petite Venerie Hermes Silk Scarf Navy-6

The Petite Vénerie carre is quite sought after by collectors around the globe and no serious Hermes scarf collection should be without this stunning design.  To my knowledge this design was issued in five colorways, red, tan, navy, teal and rust with red being most prevalent.

Petite Venerie Hermes Silk Scarf Navy-12

What I personally believe makes this carre so beautiful and rich, is its background where Mr. Hallo skillfully replays various hunting scenes for us in a Toile-like manner.   

Petite Venerie Hermes Silk Scarf Navy-11

And so a story is told and retold…

Petite Venerie Hermes Silk Scarf RARE-2


Petite Venerie Hermes Vintage Carre by Charles Hallo, 1968

Petite Venerie Hermes Vintage Carre by Charles Hallo, 1968

Petite Venerie Hermes Silk Scarf Navy-5


Petite Venerie Hermes Vintage Carre by Charles Hallo, 1968

Petite Venerie Hermes Vintage Carre by Charles Hallo, 1968

Hermes Silk Scarf Petit Venerie RARE-10.jpg

Petite Venerie Hermes Silk Scarf RARE-4


Authentic Vintage Hermes Silk Scarf Les Tambours By J. Metz now available

New Arrival

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Les Tambours HERMES Silk Scarf by Carre de Paris

Les Tambours HERMES Silk Scarf by Carre de Paris


Les Tambours HERMES Silk Scarf by Carre de Paris

Les Tambours HERMES Silk Scarf by Carre de Paris


Les Tuileries by Joachim Metz for the Maison Hermes

Here is one of my all time favorite Hermes scarves, Les Tuileries by Joachim Metz, named after the famous Parisian Gardens leading up to the Louvre.

Last time I was in Paris, a couple of summers ago, I fell in love not just with Paris all over again, but with this stunning part of heaven.  No wonder Mr. Metz used the elaborate entry to the gardens as inspiration for his stunning scarf.

Now available at Carredeparis.com


Les Tuileries HERMES Scarf

Les Tuileries HERMES Scarf


Les Tuileries HERMES Scarf