The Care Tag of an AUTHENTIC Hermes Carre

Mythologies des Hommes Rouges Hermes

I thought it was time to revisit this subject matter, as I do get a lot of inquiries to assist in authenticating a scarf that someone inherited, received as a gift or recently purchased from a possibly too-good-to-be-true online source. To visit my original blog post on the care tag, please follow the link. Flattered by […]


ZBelow is a purely self indulgent blog posting… I stole some time away from my studio that has scarves everywhere ready to be photographed and listed for sale. Sitting here on my favorite chair,  sipping my favorite Ceylon tea, enjoying a slice of pear pastry not too distant a relative of the ones I always […]

Monnaies et Symboles de Parisii HERMES

Monnaies et Symboles des Parisii HERMES Close Up

$ 599.00 Monnaies et Symboles de Parisii by Zoe Pauwels was issued in 2006. This is a stunning scarf with gorgeous colors and fabulous detail and such a gorgeous example of Madame Pauwels artistry. Gorgeous symphony of blues on a crisp white background, so perfect to complement your summer wardrobe. – in like new condition with […]

Monnaies et Symboles de Parisii

I simply adore this carre! The Monnaies et Symboles de Parisii represents everything that I love about Ms. Pauwels’ art.  Her love of music, math and science beautifully come together in this glorious composition. I wrote briefly about Ms. Pauwels when the French La Poste decided to feature her De Tout Coeur Carre as part of their […]

Zoé Pauwels

Pierres d'Orient et d'Occident HERMES Paris detail

I have decided to start with Zoé Pauwels as my first featured Hermès artist. Not because her name starts with a “z” so last in the alphabet first on my list sort of thing, or because I just simply adore her Monnaies et Symboles des Parisii scarf, but because she has created well over 20 […]