Soleil de Soie HERMES Carre by Caty Latham

If you are a fan of Caty (Cathy) Latham, also known as Caty Latham-Audibert, then this is a sure MUST-Have. Madame Latham’s career with the Maison Hermes spans over five decades and includes some 50 carres.  Many of her designs have become synonymous with the Hermes carre, like her Les Cles for example or the […]

HERMES Scarves from 2001 Seasons I & II

I was asked a while back by one of my readers to include an English translation of the Hermès scarf titles. For efficiency’s sake, I thought it might be a good idea to also include links to photos, the artists as well as year of issue.  I am starting with the year 2001, seasons I […]