HERMES Scarves from 2001 Seasons I & II

I was asked a while back by one of my readers to include an English translation of the Hermès scarf titles.

For efficiency’s sake, I thought it might be a good idea to also include links to photos, the artists as well as year of issue.  I am starting with the year 2001, seasons I (spring/summer) and II (fall/winder).

This is a work in progress and more titles will be added as time allows.

Thank you for your understanding.  Corrections and suggestions are always welcome:

2001 Spring/Summer:

  • Varangues, Dimitri Rybaltchenkovarangue is an antechamber typical in Mauritius homes, similar to a screened in porch
  • Les Petit Princes, Catherine Bachet – The little Princes
  • Cuirs du Désert (détail), Françoise de la Perrière – Desert Leathers
  • Amazonia, Laurence Bourthoumieux – Amazonia
  • Jardin Créole (détail), Valérie Dawlat-Dumoulin – Creole Garden detail
  • Les Perroquets (détail), Joachim Metz – Parrots detail
  • Ombres et Lumières, Annie Faivre – Light and Shadows
  • Recontre Océane, Annie Faivre – Meeting of Oceans
  • Grands Fonds (détail), Annie Faivre – Great Depths (on the Seabed)
  • Huaca Piru, Sophie, Koechlin – Sacred Peru
  • Voyage au Long Cours, Dominik Jarlegant – Ocean Voyage/Long Course
  •  Sérénité, Zoé Pauwels – Serenity

2001 II Fall/Winter

  • Art des Steppes (détail), Annie Faivre – The art of the Steppe
  • Oiseaux de l’Inde et de l’Himalaya, Catherine Bachet – Birds of India & the Himalayas
  • Vendanges, Valérie Dawlat-Dumoulin – Grape Harvest
  • Brazil (détail),  Laurence Bourthoumieux– Brazil
  • Axis Mundi (detail), Christine Henry – Earth’s Axis
  • La Vie a Cheval, Laurence Bourthoumieux – Life on Horseback
  •, Christine Henry – self explanatory
  • Aux Pays des Épices, Annie Faivre – The Lands of Spices (Hermes translation ) In the Land of Spices
  • Trophees de Venise, Julia Abadie – Trophies of Venice
  • Neige d’Antan (detail), Caty (Cathy) Latham – Snows of Yesteryear (Hermes translation)
  • L’Air Marin, Joachim Metz – Sea Air
  • Kuggor Tree, Sefedine Ibrahim Alamin – Kuggar Tree

In 2001 a pleated scarf cost $300 and a 90cm silk twill carre $270

There were 110 Hermes boutiques worldwide





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