It has been crazy to say the least

I am way, way behind on my blogging!

So many ideas and so many other things that seem to get in the way. Bolduc ribbon, news about my store, scarf inspiration, it’s all in my head, all I need to do is write it down. Sounds easy doesn’t it? 🙂

But I thought to share this quick news with you as we are heading towards the gift-giving-season at a seemingly more rapid rate than last year.

I just listed this lovely Hermes Guilloche Pince a Billets…

HERMES Paris Pince à Billet-8.jpg

What a fabulous gift for that special Gent in your life!

And when he is not using it as a money clip, then you can grab it and use it as a Scarf Ring!


HERMES Paris Pince à Billet-4IMG_6992


Hermes Guilloche Pince a Billets in French Sterling comes with Box – now available at Carre de Paris

Lets go for a ride…

Les Bolides NIB HERMES Silk Carre

Les Bolides NIB HERMES Silk Carre

Les Bolides NIB HERMES Silk Carre

Les Bolides NIB HERMES Silk Carre

I. A. Kwumi Sefidin or I. A. Kwumi Sefedin or?

Feux du Ciel HERMES

Feux du Ciel HERMES

Correction 5/14/2018

Just picked up a Le Monde d’Hermes I from 2000 and see that Hermes refers to the artist as Sefedine Ibrahim Alamin.

Revision 12/17/2016:

In search of  more information about the artist behind the Feux du Ciel, which I am about to list I came across this wonderful information about the artist on Worthpoint, that I had to include here:
This beautiful scarf is by artist Sefedine Ibrahim Alamin (Kwumi).
“After his parents were killed in 1997, during a civil war, a then-14-year-old Sudanese boy named Sefedin found his way to a base camp for Doctors Without Borders, which placed him in a school for orphans. While there, drew colourful chalk sketches of African landscapes, which eventually landed on the desk of Jean-Louis Dumas.  Dumas, the now-retired chief executive of Hermès, had previously visited the school and asked the teachers to send him the work of any promising young artists. Dumas hired Sefedin to design for Hermes. He created six different styles “This boy was born during the war and saw nothing but death around him, but all of his designs are very peaceful,”.
This amazing “Feux du Ciel” Fire of Heavens scarf will be enjoyed for years to come! Colorful swirls of orange, green, yellow, pink, black and red and blue cover the pastel pink night sky! Yellow and white stars are also found in the sky.
Signed at the bottom Kwumi Sefedin, Hermes, Paris.
This is a limited edition scarf, comes with its Hermes box and the Le Carre Hermes Autumn-Winter 2008 Catalog.
Mint condition!
Measurements: 36″ x 35″

Courtesy: WorthPoint© 2016 – WorthPoint Corporation | 5 Concourse Parkway NE, Suite 2850. Atlanta, Georgia 30328 | 877.481.5750

Original post 10/22/2015:

I was just getting ready to reduce the price on the fabulous Hermès Smiles in Third Millenary silk scarf, when I discovered, that I had spelled this young African artist’s last name with an “i” rather than an “e” as in Sefidin rather than the correct way, SEFEDIN.

An easy way to find out, is to simply look at the scarf itself, where the signature, obviously shows an “e” rather than and “i”.  So why the mistake?  I refer to the Carres d’art by Genevieve Fontan many times to confirm first issue dates, and must have done so when I listed this fabulous carre for sale.  Assuming that Ms Fontan would not get the artist’s name wrong, I copied it from her source.  But just now, when I re-shot some of the photos in order to capture all the fabulous colors of this scarf, I noticed, to my embarrassment, that I had spelled the artist’s name wrong.

My sincere apologies –

May I present Smiles in Third Millenary by I.A. Kwumi Sefedin

The unusual and highly popular Hermès Smiles in Third Millenary carré was designed by I. A. Kwumi Sefedin and first issued in 2000.
The colors on this scarf are absolutely gorgeous and include the entire color spectrum making it an extremely versatile scarf and accessory.

Scarf drapes beautifully and depending on how you tie it or wear it, you can decide which colors you would like to showcase, making this a very versatile carre.

The perfect addition to your wardrobe or the perfect gift.

  • in excellent pre-owned condition
  • wonderfully soft silk
  • copyright
  • care tag
  • signed
  • plump hand rolled hem
  • approx. size: 36 x 36 inches or 90 x 90 cm
  • made in France
  • 100% silk
  • guaranteed authentic
    – HERMES scarf box may show some signs of use
  • layaway plans tailored to Your specific needs
  • subject to prior sale

Was $429 NOW $349

Playing with Scarves…

Paris je t'aime

Playing with scarves… QALAMDAN Hermes Paris

Calling all Kermit Oliver Fans

Coming Soon to Carre de Paris…

Les Ameriques (Colombus)


Kachina HERMES Kermit Oliver

Kachina HERMES Kermit Oliver

Faune et Flore du Texas – Texas Wildlife



Cadre Noir, Hermes Silk Scarf

The bold Cadre Noir Hermes Silk Scarf was designed by Colonel G. Margot and first issued in 1963. Re-issued 30 years later, this scarf according to Carrés d’art by Genevieve Fontan is a 3D, which means “quite rare and quite sought after”.

Like so many Hermes carrés, the Cadre Noir too has an equestrian theme.


But there is more to this unique scarf…

The Cadre Noir scarf pays homage to the prestigious and elite teachers of the French National Riding School, the École Nationale d’Équitation at Saumur, founded in 1828 and still in existence today. Cadre Noir received its name from the black uniforms worn by their instructors.  The École Nationale d’Équitation is considered to be one of the most prestigious horsemanship schools in the world.

You can visit their website for additional information as well as their current schedule of performances.

File:Cadre noir 19 mai 2012 (7-349).jpg

Présentation publique du Cadre noir, École nationale d’équitation, Saumur (description à compléter) Croquant, 19 May 2012

Cadre Noir HERMES Vintage Silk Scarf-12Cadre Noir Hermes Carre