Shop with us and SAVE

In an attempt to stay competitive, I just “priced” some of my scarves and found for example our La Cle de Champs to be priced $150 below the same scarf in similar condition elsewhere… So, shop with us and SAVE!!!

Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion WeekEnd 2013

I happened to literally stumble upon this event on Friday. This year the annual event took place at the end of Parizska, THE shopping street in Prague, where among other top designer houses, Hermès has an intimate boutique with a very pleasant and knowledgeable staff.  The tent was set up in front of the Intercontinental […]

Working on a new post…the Quai aux Fleurs

Quai aux Fleurs , 1957

While in Paris this last time, I realized how many places there, have inspired so many of the Hermès scarves. So, I decided to put together a collage of Parisian places and the scarves they have inspired… Like for example the Quai aux Fleurs In 1879, the street that shares its name with Grygkar’s foulard, […]