hommage à Leila Menchari – not just another Hermes designer

The creator of the world famous window displays of the Fashion House at 24 Faubourg-Saint-Honoré, Leïla Menchari passed away on April 4, 2020, at the age of 93, of Covid-19.

Leïla Menchari, 2010. courtesy Carole Bellaiche

Her windows captured the imagination of thousands as eager spectators lined the Faubourg-Saint-Honoré to watch the unveiling of her latest window displays.

Photos: Courtesy of Hermès

Born in Tunisia, she was first introduced to fashion by fellow country man and couture designer, Azzedine Alaia.  She joined Maison Hermès as the head stylist in 1977, and her artistic windows quickly began drawing large crowds as she created worlds of fantasy and wonder.

In addition to her window displays, Madame Menchari designed two scarves, REGINA and JOUVENCE, both highly collected,

Regina Hermes scarf – Rare Early Issue and CW Designed by Leila Menchari in 1972 – AVAILBLE

Jouvence Hermes silk jacquard scarf (100% silk) – RARE . Designed in 1968 – and re-issued in 1988 – SOLD

Inspired by Queen Elisabeth II, the Regina carre is such a beautiful and beloved scarf, Hermes has re-issued it numerous times since its introduction in 1972.

In honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee, Hermes issued the Regina Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee in 2002.  This edition was a limited edition as it only came in one color way and was only available in the UK.

UK - Royal Windsor Horse Show - Day Three

The Regina Prix de Diane – Hermès – 1986, another special edition, was issued in limited numbers for the famous horse races that take place at Chantilly every summer. The Prix de Diane Hermès is the sixth race and the highlight of the day.


No matter whether a special edition or just a “plain regular” Regina, this is an Hermes Classic, that will delight for many generations to come!

Thank you Madame Menchari – You will be greatly missed!

For an in-depth article about the life and works of Leïla Menchari please follow this link to The New Yorker Times

Regina Hermes Carre by Leila Menchari

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