Valerie Dawlat-Dumoulin and her scarves

Unfortunately, there is typically very little information available on the amazingly talented Hermes artists and this is the case here.

Finally, after some investigating, I came across some information that I am happy to share.

Valérie is or was one of the ready-to-wear designers at Hermès and married to fashion photographer Pierre Dawlat.

When the couple realized one day how little they saw of their children growing up living in Paris, they embarked on a three year cruise that led them to South America and the Caribbean.  Inspired by a teak plantation on the island of Trinidad, the couple was so inspired, that they decided on designing sleek and elegant teak furniture and accessories. Upon their return to France, they settled on the l’île de Ré on the Atlantic coast, north of Bordeaux.  They established themselves as the only manufacturer of teak furniture in France.  Their workshop and furniture were well received.  Their furniture line is/was called Trinidad, their designs elegant, simple and contemporary.

photo courtesy Gardenista

When I googled their business name on, I could no longer locate a website, which makes me think that perhaps their company is no longer in existence.

Even if the furniture may no longer be available, Valérie Dawlat-Dumoulin scarves and now her one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces are…

Please read an update to this post on Madame Valérie here 

Here is a small sampling…

Hermes Silk Scarf Jardin Creole_-2
Jardin Creole Hermes scarf by Valerie Dawlat-Dumoulin 1994 – SOLD
Jardin Creole Hermes scarf by Valerie Dawlat-Dumoulin, 1994 – SOLD
Vendanges, 2001SOLD
Hermes Silk Scarf Jardin Secret-2.jpg
Jardin Secret, 2003 – SOLD
Hermes Silk Scarf Passiflores Turquoise UNWORN-9
Passiflores Hermes scarf by Valerie Dawlat-Dumoulin was issued in 1996 – SOLD
Hermes Silk Scarf Jardin Secret-9.jpg
Jardin Secret, 2003 – SOLD
Hermes Silk Scarf Rocaille II-9.jpg
Hermes Silk Scarf Rocaille II Detail , 2003 – SOLD

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