Grace Kelly and the HERMES carre

The following question was posted by one of my readers: I was wondering if you could tell me the name of design Grace Kelly wore when she used a hermes scarf as a sling?  Thank you I thought this an excellent question, so I decided to post it here: Grace Kelly, the beloved American actress, […]

Sequences HERMES

Sequences HERMES Carre

Worth mentioning… As I was perusing the “On this day in history” on bing just now,  I immediately knew, I needed to mention this as I have written about the Inspiration behind the SEQUENCES Carre (to read the entire post, please click on the link). It was on this day in 1878, that photographer Eadweard […]

RARE Les Amazones in Unworn Condition

This unworn Les Amazones is sure to delight your senses.  The perfect colorway, this carre has never been worn and comes with its original envelope.  Designed by Jean-Louis Dumas in 1976, this is a rare find. A Must for the serious collector! Shop Now

The HERMES Etriers

Every so often a scarf comes along that you just LOVE no matter what colorway, it is stunning, you just must have it. So it for me with the ETRIERS (and a number of others, i am afraid) Just listed this Etriers for sale in my store and absolutely love the colors! Bright and bold […]

The Care Tag of an AUTHENTIC Hermes Carre

Mythologies des Hommes Rouges Hermes

I thought it was time to revisit this subject matter, as I do get a lot of inquiries to assist in authenticating a scarf that someone inherited, received as a gift or recently purchased from a possibly too-good-to-be-true online source. To visit my original blog post on the care tag, please follow the link. Flattered by […]