Jungle Love by Robert Dallet

Perusing the HERMES.com website, as I often do, I noticed the Fierce and Fragile campain and immediately thought to include the link here.  Hermes pays hommage to one of its amazing wildlife artists, Robert Dallet.  If you are a fan of Monsieur Dallet, his big cats (or small ones), this is a must!

Robert Dallet, the artist behind Jungle Love, Kenya, Africa and Tigre du Bengale, was an accomplished, self-taught and very humble artist, who collaborated with the Fashion House on numerous projects. From Mr. Dallet’s biography to his sketches and drawings, allow yourself to be immersed in his incredible art and feel both moved and alive!

Please visit Hermes.com or Robert Dallets website for more…

We are pleased to be able to bring you one of Monsieur Dallet’s creations, the beautiful and always stylish, Jungle Love and two silk jacquard Kenyas

Kenya HERMES Silk Jacquard carre
Kenya HERMES Silk Jacquard carre




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