I have started 3 blogs but haven’t finished 1

I have started to write three separate blogs, one about my experience with a new dry cleaner, (the one recommended by the local Hermes boutique), another one about an elusive scarf and the third one about my little (but steadily growing) video collection.  Alsas neither is finished and worth publishing… But this weekend I shall […]

Parures de Samouraïs HERMES Silk Scarf 2017

As I reflect on 2017, I need to share the one scarf from last year that stole my heart – immediately. As many of you know, my true love belongs to the vintage Hermes scarves! But every so often a new one comes along that steals my heart.  And when I wandered last summer into […]

We have a NEW Look

In our constant effort to make Your shopping experience, more efficient and more enjoyable, we have streamlined the Look of our eStore. We are also in the process of adding additional search functions so that you will easily be able to not only search by the artist and color, but also by theme and material. […]

Kermit Oliver

His name immediately takes us to the Wild West, Canada… or Madison Avenue Enjoy some past and present treasures by this unique and only American Artist ever to design for the Maison Hermes. All of his twenty designs are highly collectible and coveted by many around the world Here is a sampling…enjoy ______ Faune et […]

Fleurs de L’Opera HERMES By Julia Abadie

  Julia Abadie dedicated this lovely carre to the flowers of the Opera, Fleurs de L’Opera. In this stunning scarf various flowers abound, which in itself is lovely, but upon a closer look, one discovers along the hem names of various operas and their composers along with names of a flowers? Now it all makes […]


ZBelow is a purely self indulgent blog posting… I stole some time away from my studio that has scarves everywhere ready to be photographed and listed for sale. Sitting here on my favorite chair,  sipping my favorite Ceylon tea, enjoying a slice of pear pastry not too distant a relative of the ones I always […]