The Evolution of the Hermès Care Tag

Just like the copyright, Hermès has used different care tags on its silk scarves (90 x 90) throughout the years. What started out as a small folded over white tag developed into a small rectangular care tag with care instructions that we find on today’s carres. Rather than trying to describe the various Hermès care […]

Summer Greetings from beautiful Prague

Spending some time in Prague – haven’t forgotten about my blog… – Will post the blog about care tags this weekend – Philippe Ledoux, I am still researching – moving the photo gallery to the blog, now that will take weeks and not days, such like I feared 🙂


Help….I am looking for a C’est la Fête, which was released as a 70×70 cm scarf by Hermès in 2012.  If anyone know where i might find an authentic one, please let me know.  It has been sold out almost everywhere… Thank you –  

Preparing to write about Monsieur Ledoux

in the process of researching Philippe Ledoux for my blog. Just like with Hugo Grygkar, I am astounded how very little information I can find on the web about them.  After all, these are the two most influential artists Hermès has ever had.  Both were there practically at the birth of the carré, both have […]