in the process of researching Philippe Ledoux for my blog. Just like with Hugo Grygkar, I am astounded how very little information I can find on the web about them.  After all, these are the two most influential artists Hermès has ever had.  Both were there practically at the birth of the carré, both have helped shape the Hermès carré as we know it today, and have created some of the most loved and coveted scarves …ever.

If you have an interesting bit of information about Monsieur Ledoux or one of his scarves, that you feel should be included, please let me know.  Your input is as always, much appreciated.

Thank you –


a small sampling of Philippe Ledoux’s most famous scarves…

Cosmos, 1964
L’Hiver, 1968
Musee, 1962
Springs, 1974
Promenade de Longchamps, 1965
Napoleon, 1962/1963

and we mustn’t forget Napoleon…

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    1. Hello Jennifer,
      somehow I missed your comment – my apologies. Would you be interested in posting photos of them on my blog?

      I think that is fantastic – what a treasure – congratulations!

      Happy Holidays,

    1. Hello Anna,

      I believe you are referring to a L’Hiver en Poste Hermes scarf. This scarf was originally issued in 1975 and has been quite popular and prices start based on condition typically at $250 and go from there.

      I hope this helped – please let me know should you have any further questions.


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