Tsubas VTG Hermes Silk Scarf
Tsubas VTG Hermes Silk Scarf

Tsubas was designed by Christiane Vauzelles in 1991.

This is a bold scarf, simple and elegant. I think the large scale Asian inspired theme (Tsubas, more on that in a little bit) is further enhanced as only three to four colors are used. The result? A fabulous scarf that takes the center stage against classic colors such as white, black and navy.

Because of the antique gold I love to pair with black for a dramatic effect. I have worn mine to the Symphony, weddings and everything in between.  It does wonders for my simple off the rack little black dress, which my Tsubas transforms into something special indeed.

So what is a tsuba? It is the hand guard or protective guard on a Japanese sword, which prevents the hand from sliding down onto the blade. Sometimes very plain, but typically embellished with carvings or inlays, a tsuba is predominantly made out of various metals but sometimes also leather.

Tsuba, photo courtesy Tsuba Collection

Madame Vauzelles placed five Tsubas on her scarf in a symmetrical pattern, one in the center and four in each corner.

Tsubas VTG HERMES Silk Scarf Unworn-3Four Samurai saddle flaps or Aori are beautifully embellished with dragons and other Japanese symbols and complete this stunning composition.

photo of Japanese Saddle Flaps -Aori- courtesy Pinterest
photo of Japanese Saddle Flaps -Aori- courtesy Pinterest

Christiane Vauzelles inspired by the Japanese Tsuba, created this beautiful design for Hermès in 1991.  Here are a couple of other Hermes Tsubas, one an Opera Scarf, I have sold in the past.

Authentic Vintage Hermes Silk Scarf Tsubas by Christiane Vauzelles

Tsuba Opera Scarf Hermes

This Tsubas Hermes reversible shawl is also known as an Opera Scarf, the predecessor to today’s Maxi Twilly

Tsubas VTG HERMES Silk Scarf Unworn
Early Issue Tsubas vintage Hermès silk scarf by Christiane Vauzelles was first issued in 1991.

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