Laurence Thioune same as Laurence Bourthoumieux?

I just listed the stunning Giverny HERMES© Scarf for sale in my Carre de Paris store dedicated to the as the name suggests Hermès© carre when I realized that perhaps not everyone knows that this scarf was created by Toutsy, AKA Laurence Bourthoumieux.  This gifted French artist is responsible for a number of exceptional Hermes scarves.

She has signed her work as L.T. for Laurence Thioune, and at some point switched to just Toutsy after, and I assume marriage (?) when her name changed to Laurence Bourthoumieux.

Well, no matter what name or signature, her work is unique in style and definitely amazing.

Merci Madame Laurence

Giverny HERMES Scarf signed L.T.
Giverny HERMES Scarf signed L.T. (1989)
Giverny HERMES Paris Carre artist initials L.T.
Artist initials L.T. (1989)
Parures des Sables HERMES, 1994 signed L. Thioune
Parures des Sables HERMÈS (1994) signed L. Thioune
Au-dela Des Cinq Mers HERMES
Au-dela Des Cinq Mers HERMES, 1998 – SOLD

Les Chants de Henné Hermes carre (2002) – SOLD

Aloha Hermes Carre signed Toutsy (2002) – SOLD

Additional scarves by this talented artist can be enjoyed by following this link


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