Grands Fonds Hermès carre by Annie Faivre

Grands Fonds Hermes Scarf – Vintage
Designed by Annie Faivre in 1992

Annie Faivre, a longtime contributor for the French Fashion House, designed the beautiful and much loved carre Grands Fonds, Deep Sea, in 1992, the Year by the Sea. Each year Hermes has a theme and designs become part of that theme. Other scarves that year included Azulejos, Christophe Colomb Decouvre l’Amerique, Le Geographe, Musee, Vent Portant, La Vie Precieuse de la Mediterranee, Vive le Vent and Marine Naive.

According to the Le Carre Hermès Paris booklet, the sea is a “source of life and mother of man’s imagination”. And it is madame Faivre’s imagination that transforms a simple piece of silk into a fascinating world under the sea. With her famous stylized technique, the Grands Fonds overflows with detail and her four exotic fish, surrounded by other colorful sea creatures, come to life.

Grands Fonds Hermes Scarf (100% silk twill) – Vintage
Designed by Annie Faivre in 1992 – SOLD
Grands Fonds Detail Hermes carre – SOLD

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