Puzzle (II) Hermès© scarf from the 2000 Spring Summer Collection

Every so often a scarf comes along, that challenges both my limited photographic abilities as well as my patience.

I typically enjoy and dedicate numerous hours to photographing scarves making sure colors are represented in the most accurate way possible. Realizing of course, that even if my monitor represents the colors accurately, it does not guarantee that same results will manifest on different monitors or devices.

Puzzle II Hermes scarf by Joachim Metz (2000) – AVAILABLE

But still, I find it imperative, to at least try my best to be as accurate as I possibly can. All my efforts fell short with this Puzzle (II) carre!

This scarf has gorgeously vibrant colors, that with no effort at all, would turn a simple white linen outfit into a fashion sensation!

The blue, which is quite exquisite, is much closer to cerulean than ultramarine as I perceive it. It is just this side of warm and makes the perfect backdrop for the rest of this exciting palette. The yellow and green echo with cool vibrancy. The Duke has taken on more of a parakeet green, while his horse, a blue violet. Together they are framed by a bold cool, deep red. And so, a perfect color composition has been created.

Hoping to find this particular colorway (CW) in the 2000 Hermès Carré booklet, I had no such luck.

So, I must humbly apologize for not being able to capture the vibrancy of this fabulous Joachim Metz’s “Disassembly”.

Gorgeous Colorway of the Hermes Puzzle II carre – close up – AVAILABLE

This is what Hermès had to say about Joachim Metz’s composition that year:


Immutability is reassuring, true, but at the same time so annoying! Hence the joy of sticking moustaches on the Mona Lisa. The civilised soul is bursting with sacrilegious impulses. Keeping a sense of proportion – for this is not quite sacred defilement – there is a real pleasure in seeing a famous insignia turned inside out. Today it’s the turn of Hermès’ “Duke and Carriage” to be willing victim; it has been iconoclastically taken apart, under the tutelage of the Rosenkavalier. (and in 2020? Moi)

©copyright Hermès 1999

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