Inspired by Mexico’s Mayan culture, Madame Latham’s Mexique Hermès carre beautifully incorporates sculpture and jewelry of this ancient civilization, creating a dramatic and memorable composition.

Initially, the Mayans made jewelry from bone, jaguar teeth, claws, stone, and feathers. Later with the discovery of metals, bronze, silver but particularly gold, became very popular in jewelry design. Precious stones, like jade and turquoise were also incorporated, resulting in some incredible jewelry pieces.

photo courtesy 2018
Teal chrysocolla gems encased in gold sparkle in each of the four corners

Bright fuchsia pink feathers crown the headdress above a gold statue of the ancient Mayan God of Tulum.

A necklace of turquoise and gold beads dangles in front a Mayan calendar.

photo courtesy

Hermès issued the Mexique as part of the spring/summer collection in 1985. Reissued immediately a year later as part of the 1986/1987 autumn/winter collection. Five years later its final re-issue, was part of the 1991/1992 autumn/winter collection. To my knowledge, never reissued since, makes this a rare and highly sought after design and a favorite among Hermès collectors.

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