The Battery New-York Hermes Scarf by Ugo Gattoni

A Limited Edition carre, The Battery New-York scarf is in its third issue, this time in various colorways. First issued in 2017, portion of all proceeds were donated to The Battery Conservancy in New York City. Both, 1st and 2nd Editions were in this beautiful blue colorway and both sold out quickly. It appears this might also be the case with this year’s colorful edition.

The Battery New-York Hermes carre – 2nd Issue – Highly Sought After

It is November 2019, the sun is low in the sky and I am heading south on West Street towards my destination, The Battery, formerly known as Battery Park. Admittedly, this will be my very first visit to this iconic park at the southern tip of Manhattan.

Aerial view of Battery Park and Financial District

courtesy Gryffindor / CC BY-SA (

The Battery at the southern tip of Manhattan just past Wall Street, is a 25 acre public park. From here ferries take you to the famous Statue of Liberty, Ellis, Governors and Liberty Islands. The park was named after the artillery batteries that were constructed here in the late seventeenth century to protect settlements. By 1820 Castle Clinton was turned into a theater as the entire area became an entertainment destination. A couple of decades later Castle Clinton became an immigration and customs checkpoint and the surrounding area was transformed into Battery Park. When Ellis Island became the arrival point for immigrants in 1890, Castle Clinton became the home to the New York Aquarium until the 1940s.

With the Statue Liberty in the distance, and the financial district behind me, I enjoy the last hours of the day . The Hudson is to my right and just over my shoulder to the left is the famous Brooklyn Bridge and time to head back…

It is no surprise to me that Gattoni’s fun rendition of this park has become such a hit. In its third release now, it has sold out twice before. This third issue sports different colors than the two earlier issues, but this particular carre is from the second issue in its original blue colorway.

The story behind

Located at the far end of Manhattan, The Battery is the park that runs alongside the Hudson. Opposite two iconic landmarks:  Ellis Island, where immigrants were processed at the beginning of the last century, and the Statue of Liberty. Steps from Wall Street, it remains a place for remembrance. Ugo Gattoni presents it in his own way, adding his personal vision of the city. He outlines its contours, its skyscrapers, the vegetation and the long esplanade at the water’s edge, and supplements it with a few surprising details: a foot sculpture atop a tower, a monumental hand emerging from the Hudson, and a host of little characters busying themselves here and there.

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Oh what fun indeed!

The Battery New-York Hermès Limited Edition (2nd Issue, original colorway) – AVAILABLE

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