L’Arriere-Main Hermes carre

L’Arriere-Main Hermès carré by Philippe Ledoux 1969 – RARE – Personal Collection

The lovely L’Arriere-Main Philippe Ledoux carré draws its inspiration from a painting by Théodore Géricault entitled Les Croupes, (The Hindquarters/Buttocks).

Théodore Géricault was a French Romantic Painter (1791-1824) from Rouen, France. His oil painting entitled Les Croupes, (The Hindquarters/Buttocks) provided the Inspiration for the 1969 Hermès carré, L’Arriere-Main by Philippe Ledoux

Most likely the studies for this painting found their inspiration at the Royal Stable, the Grande Écurie of Versailles, an impressive structure that could accommodate up to six hundred horses. Constructed during the 17th century under the watchful eye of Jules Hardouin-Mansart, the Royal Stables have been home to the Equestrian Arts Academy (Académie du spectacle équestre) since 2003.

The Great Stables or Royal Stable, the Grande Écurie, at the Palace of Versailles
Les Croupes – close up

Les Croupes, which portrays twenty-four horses from behind is rather an unusual compositions as it features the hindquarters and not the heads of twenty-four horses in three neat rows. Surprisingly there is one defiant horse that stands out as it is turned around facing us, the audience. I cannot help but attribute lightness and humor to this rather unusual arrangement and composition.

Perhaps charmed by this as well was what inspired Philippe Ledoux to reproduce the Les Coupes as a drawing for his 1969, L’Arriere-Main, now highly sought-after design.


Surprisingly Monsieur Ledoux omits the rebellious horse in his drawing but includes the same checkered blankets that are very often found in Géricault’s other paintings. Perhaps it will remain a mystery why Ledoux left the defiant horse out, but included the horse blankets, which undoubtedly link his design to the French master’s. With this the L’Arriere-Main Hermès carré features three rows but only twenty-three hindquarters and not the twenty-four from its original Inspiration.


La Comtesse de Segur Hermes carre by Philippe Dumas

Considered rare and highly sought-after, this carre was designed by Philippe Dumas, grandson of the founder, heir and former CEO of Hermès. Like two of his other designs, the La Comtesse de Segur, showcases his unique unmistakable style which you may recognize from his Les Amazones and Le Cirque Molier.

La Comtesse de Ségur Hermes Carre by Philippe Dumas was first issued in 1982 and re-issued in 1996

The La Comtesse de Ségur Hermes carre depicts several vignettes capturing scenes from the beloved children’s stories by the French writer, Sophie Rostopchine, the Countess of Ségur. Born in Saint Petersburg in the late eighteenth century, Sophie’s family left Russia in 1814 and ultimately ended up in Paris.

Even though the Comtesse did not write her first book until the age of fifty-eight, her stories place her as one of the most famous and most beloved writers of French children’s books. She has twenty novels to her name all written between 1857 and 1869 for her nineteen grandchildren. Her books were published as a collection La Bibliothèque rose illustrée, a set of beautifully bound red books and all her stories were written to both educate and entertain at the same time.

La Bibliothèque rose illustrée by La Comtesse de Ségur
photo courtesy expertissim®

Inspired by these popular children’s books and the adventures of their characters, Philippe Dumas beautifully captures the essence of some of these beloved stories in his equally beloved scarf…

Here perhaps Sophie, Camille, Madeleine and their mothers, all characters from Les Petites Filles Modeles (Good Little Girls), are heading for a ride in the country
“Come on, Félicie, don’t be lazy”
Here the eldest child, Félicie of a rich family, the d’Orvillet, is in trouble with her governess (once again); with little lasting effect, as the story goes…

For me it is unthinkable not to fall in love with this scarf each and every time.

Beautifully executed, it is difficult to just quickly glance at it. To not get involved with the various characters and not follow them along on their adventures? Well, for me that is utterly impossible!

La Comtesse de Segur Hermes scarf – Original 1982 Issue
Designed by Philippe Dumas – Now AVAILABLE

The Battery New-York Hermes Scarf by Ugo Gattoni

A Limited Edition carre, The Battery New-York scarf is in its third issue, this time in various colorways. First issued in 2017, portion of all proceeds were donated to The Battery Conservancy in New York City. Both, 1st and 2nd Editions were in this beautiful blue colorway and both sold out quickly. It appears this might also be the case with this year’s colorful edition.

The Battery New-York Hermes carre – 2nd Issue – Highly Sought After

It is November 2019, the sun is low in the sky and I am heading south on West Street towards my destination, The Battery, formerly known as Battery Park. Admittedly, this will be my very first visit to this iconic park at the southern tip of Manhattan.

Aerial view of Battery Park and Financial District

courtesy Gryffindor / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)

The Battery at the southern tip of Manhattan just past Wall Street, is a 25 acre public park. From here ferries take you to the famous Statue of Liberty, Ellis, Governors and Liberty Islands. The park was named after the artillery batteries that were constructed here in the late seventeenth century to protect settlements. By 1820 Castle Clinton was turned into a theater as the entire area became an entertainment destination. A couple of decades later Castle Clinton became an immigration and customs checkpoint and the surrounding area was transformed into Battery Park. When Ellis Island became the arrival point for immigrants in 1890, Castle Clinton became the home to the New York Aquarium until the 1940s.

With the Statue Liberty in the distance, and the financial district behind me, I enjoy the last hours of the day . The Hudson is to my right and just over my shoulder to the left is the famous Brooklyn Bridge and time to head back…

It is no surprise to me that Gattoni’s fun rendition of this park has become such a hit. In its third release now, it has sold out twice before. This third issue sports different colors than the two earlier issues, but this particular carre is from the second issue in its original blue colorway.

The story behind

Located at the far end of Manhattan, The Battery is the park that runs alongside the Hudson. Opposite two iconic landmarks:  Ellis Island, where immigrants were processed at the beginning of the last century, and the Statue of Liberty. Steps from Wall Street, it remains a place for remembrance. Ugo Gattoni presents it in his own way, adding his personal vision of the city. He outlines its contours, its skyscrapers, the vegetation and the long esplanade at the water’s edge, and supplements it with a few surprising details: a foot sculpture atop a tower, a monumental hand emerging from the Hudson, and a host of little characters busying themselves here and there.

Copyright © Hermès 2020. All rights reserved.

Oh what fun indeed!

The Battery New-York Hermès Limited Edition (2nd Issue, original colorway) – AVAILABLE

La Treille HERMÈS© SCARf by Maurice Tranchant

La Treille , The Trellis, was created by the French artist and illustrator, Maurice Tranchant, and dates back to 1964.


At the center of this carre, is an early 19th century, Napoleonic French Hussar on his steed and a vivandière by his side.

Although the Hussars were the last horsemen to join the French cavalry, these Hungarian deserters, had quite the reputation for not just their outlandish attire, but arrogance and brutality on the battlefield.

The vivandière’s original job was to supply the French military with wine. This duty later expanded to providing other provisions and the vivandière became a cantinière. These woman were civilian merchants, who followed the troops and sold goods to them as needed.

Detail from the La Treille Hermès Carré showing various steps during the wine making process from planting grapevines
to harvesting
and serving

Although I love several of Maurice Tranchant’s compositions, including Les Amoureux de Paris, Grotte de Versailles, Les Jardiniers du Roy and of course the Romantique, I must admit, the La Treille is my personal favorite.

La Treille RARE Hermès Carré
The La Treille Hermès Carré by Maurice Tranchant – SOLD

Versailles – Le Pave du Roy Hermes carre

A rare Hugo Grygkar carre, Versailles Le Pavé du Roy, was originally issued 1954, here a slightly later re-issue, that sports two care tags and an early copyright.

$ 779

This bold design features the bronze King Louis XIV statue that has been welcoming visitors to Chateau Versailles in front of the Avenue de Paris since 2009.

The bronze statue is made up of two distinct elements, the horse and the king. The horse originally sculpted for a Louis XV statue was united with the Sun King in 1836 between the Gabriel and Dufour pavilions. The Louis XIV statue was produced by Louis Petitot and finished in bronze by Crozatier.
Fully restored, together they have been welcoming visitors to Versailles since 2009.
King Louis statue is framed by his Majesty’s royal boots found in each corner.
Versailles Le Pavé du Roy Hermes silk scarf (100% silk) – RARE
Designed by Hugo Grygkar in 1954

L’Indomptable Hermes Scarf

Doing a little research on this HERMES carre from 1977, I learned that the French Navy has throughout its history named five of its ships L’Indomptable, the Invincible or Unbeatable, beginning with a double-deck 80-gun ship which fought the British at the Battle of Trafalgar in October of 1805.

L’Indomptable Hermes Scarf (100% silk) – RARE Vintage
Designed by Pierre Peron in 1977 

Another Indomptable followed in 1810 and was captured by the English only three years later. In 1877 another Indomptable this one a coastal battleship or armored warship made her maiden voyage and remained in service until 1910.

The fourth L’Indomptable was a destroyer and put into service in 1933. Unfortunately, she was scuttled in Toulon in November 1942 to keep her from falling into enemy hands during Germany’s occupation of Vichy.

This brings us to the fifth and final ship, the ballistic missile submarine L’Indomptable which is at the center of Pierre Peron’s 1977 carre.

L’Indomptable HERMES scarf celebrates the submarine and namesake, which was in service from 1976 until 2005. She was one of five Le Redoutable-class (ballistic missile) submarines built between 1964 and 1982. In 2016 her deconstruction began and with it the era of the French ballistic missile submarines ended.

But luckily for us, her legacy lives on in Peron’s fabulous carre! Just like its namesake, the HERMES L’Indomptable carre is indomitable!


Fiacres by Philippe Ledoux 1965

The genius of Monsieur Ledoux.  Fiacres is a very rare Hermes scarf from 1965 and one that has not been reissued.  Sought after by collectors, this carre does not become available often.

Enjoy the hustle and bustle of the busy Parisian streets as cabs rush to and fro.

Notice the change in perspective…

Fiacres Vintage Hermes Silk Scarf Very Rare-6.jpg

Fiacres, rare HERMES scarf by Philippe Ledoux from 1965. This design has never been reissued

Read about Philippe Ledoux and his important role in the making of the HERMES carre as we love and have today.

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HERMES Silk Scarf De Madras a Zakynthos GRAIL

De Madras à Zakynthos was designed by Dominik Jarlegant in 2009, the year of travel.  This is a highly sought after carre and one that is difficult to find. Considered by many a GRAIL scarf

HERMES Silk Scarf De Madras a Zakynthos GRAIL-9

De Passage a Moscou HERMES Silk Scarf GRAIL-2

De Passage a Moscou was designed by Nathalie Vialars and issued in 2008, the year of India.   GRAIL scarf

De Passage a Moscou HERMES Silk Scarf GRAIL-15

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Oiseaux Migrateurs HERMES Silk Scarf_-17
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