The Enchanted world of VALÉRIE Dawlat Dumoulin after HERMÈS – Part II

If you follow me here or on any of the social media, you may recall my trip to Europe earlier this year, which included a visit with my dear friend Valérie Dawlat Dumoulin, the very talented Hermès artist responsible for such iconic designs as the Jardin Creole, Vendanges, and Passiflores to name but a few.

Jardin Creole Hermès scarf by Valérie Dawlat-Dumoulin (1994) – SOLD

The Vendanges was first issued in 2001 – SOLD

Passiflores Hermes scarf was issued in 1996 – SOLD

What followed for me was a very busy summer, which left me with little time and space to properly share with you more about my truly amazing visit. 

Not only was I able to reconnect with friends from my youth but I also had the privilege and honor to meet Valérie Dawlat Dumoulin and her husband, Pierre, in person and spend time with them on Île de Ré, the charming island off France’s west coast.

On my arrival in La Rochelle, I was greeted by the absolutely charming and welcoming Valérie, who had volunteered to pick me up from the train station herself.

Our forty-five minute drive to Île de Ré, which began with polite introductions, quickly gave way to a genuine conversation marked by curiosity and interrupted only by our laughter and the occasional silent moments as we both reflected on how much our passions of art and fashion aligned. 

Of course her Hermès designs and her one-of-a-kind costume jewelry, her latest endeavor, became the main focus as we made the journey from the mainland to my hotel.

Valérie then dropped me off at the very charming Hôtel Le Sénéchal, 6 Rue Gambetta, 17590 Ars-en-Ré, France, which she had recommended and helped arrange for me to stay at.

Valérie and I spent the next couple of days exploring Île de Ré and when our feet were simply too sore for more, we quickly found refuge in her wonderful studio. 


What a treat!

Her imagination and creativity are bar none as she artfully combines various materials from nature and the sea with vintage treasures collected over the years into pieces that are as unique as they are beautiful.

Recif Corten Collier by Valérie – personal collection


Of course, I brought several of her stunning pieces back with me, but as they were lovingly divided at a recent birthday bash only a few remain …  and those? Well … I just cannot part with any of them … 

To view Valérie’s entire collection, please visit her Instagram page.

Please contact me at or Valérie directly through her Instagram page with any questions. 

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