La Camargue Hermes Silk Scarf

La Camargue Hermes Silk Scarf-5.jpgLe Camargue HERMES carre celebrates a special part of France, the Camargue region, nestled along the Mediterranean coast west of Marseille.  The Camargue is one of Europe’s largest wetlands spanning over 360 sq mi (930 sq km).  Man has lived in this area for millennia and most of the wetlands have consequently been drained to make room for agriculture. Today the region is under the protection of UNESCO and is a designated biosphere reserve.

Its most surprising resident might very well be the flamingo, but this scarf is all about Camargue’s native horses, its domestic black cattle and its cowboys.

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The Camarguais, as the white native horses are called, are deemed to be one of the oldest horse breeds. Consequently, this region has a very rich cowboy culture.

Enjoy this carre that celebrates France’s Camargue region and its famous inhabitants.

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Designed by Lamotte in 1981, this carre is not readily available



La Camargue Hermes silk twill scarf (100% silk) - Vintage Designed by Lamotte in 1981 Excellent Vintage Condition - a couple of spots, some previous light wrinkles Measures 36" x 36" Signed Care Tag very loose Hand Rolled Hem - puckering somewhat Made in France Buttercup Yellow/Black/Multi