Au Coeur des Bois Hermes Carre by Zoé Pauwels

In the Heart of the Woods, the title speaks for itself…

This lovely carre was issued in 1998, the year of the Tree at Hermes.

Volumes I & II Le Monde d’Hermès Magazines, 1998 (copyright Hermes International)
– The Year of the Tree –

It is then no surprise that Zoe Pauwels’ Au Coeur des Bois made its debut that year along with Dimitri Rybaltchenko’s Sous le Cedre, Under the Cedar, Caty Latham’s Copeaux, Shavings, as well as the Les Légendes de l’Arbre, Legends of the Tree, by Annie Faivre.
Twenty years ago any one of these beautiful scarves could be had for about $275, today pricing for a 90cm twill carre starts at $415 in the US.

A word from Jean-Louis Dumas-Hermes
Volume I Monde d’Hermès Magazine, 1998 (copyright Hermes International)
– The Year of the Tree –

As an accomplished artist, who draws her inspiration from music and math, Zoe Pauwels designs are filled with great detail and storytelling.
In the Heart of the Woods Madame Pauwels beautifully captures for us the abundant life a single tree can provide…

Au Coeur des Bois Hermes Silk Carré by Zoé Pauwels, 1998 – SOLD

When I stand among you,
trees of the great forest,
surrounded and hidden
at the same time, in your solitude I return to myself,
I sense a being who is vast,
who listens, who loves me…

Victor Hugo “Aux Arbres” 1843

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