Europe Hermès© Carré – Inspiration

Europe Hermès© Carré was designed by Joachim Metz and first issued in 1993

This bold and magnificent design celebrates the founding of the European Union on November 1, 1993. Today twenty-seven member states strong, the EU is headquartered in Maastricht, Netherlands.

Originally founded by Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands, its purpose was and is to empower member states both politically and economically.

A thought inspiring phrase covers a scroll and surrounds Marianne, the French allegorical figure of Liberty, Equality, Brother- and Sisterhood!

Each of the four corners features a different symbol from Greek mythology.

For example the lyre represents wisdom and moderation, while the caduceus, a staff surrounded by two snakes, carried by Hermes, stands for commerce and negotiation.

A cluster of grapes in the upper left corner signified life and abundance for the Greeks and is an important representation of eternal plenty and heavenly abundance for Christians.

The French inscription on the scroll reminds us not to forget and take for granted the gifts we have been given by keeping love and harmony alive in both our attitudes and actions alike.

Des hommes pour réussir ce monde qui nous accueille. N’abusons pas de cette confiance mise en nous. Sachons la mériter par nos etoiles unies que l’harmonie et l’amour soient dans les esprits et dans les coeurs.

Men to succeed in this world that welcomes us. Let us not abuse this trust placed in us. Let us know how to deserve it by our united stars that harmony and love be in the minds and in the hearts.

The European Union flag represents unity and the number of starts is strictly symbolic in nature.
EU’s slogan is United in Diversity

Marianne, who herself stands for Liberté, égalité, fraternité, is surrounded by the same twelve stars.
She is the very symbol of the French Republic

Together with Hermès© Joachim Metz has created a lasting and beautiful hommage to Europe’s supranational political and economic union, the EU.

United in Diversity

And who better to remind us of this than Marianne herself …


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