Hommage a Charles Garnier Hermes Silk Scarf

If you are anything like me and have been to Paris, you surely strolled down the Champs Elysee, took countless photos of the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. The City of Lights has so much to offer, it is impossible to see it all in just one visit.  Lost in a city full of exceptional […]

As I am ready to list this fabulous carre

for sale, I am reminded how easy it is to assume that the name/title of a scarf is what we find printed on it. Well not necessarily so. Probably the most famous example of this common mistake, is the very popular Astrologie, its official HERMES title.  Astrologie is not written anywhere on the scarf, but Dies […]

Le Laisser Courre Hermes Carre

Le Laisser Courre, Let it Run, Hermes scarf conjures up such fond memories of my childhood.  Having central European roots and uncles, who were avid hunters, I inevitably grew up around hounds. My favorite, Dorn! Named Thorn, after getting himself caught up in brambles as a young pup, Dorn and I were inseparable.  For both the […]

Soleil de Soie HERMES Carre by Caty Latham

If you are a fan of Caty (Cathy) Latham, also known as Caty Latham-Audibert, then this is a sure MUST-Have. Madame Latham’s career with the Maison Hermes spans over five decades and includes some 50 carres.  Many of her designs have become synonymous with the Hermes carre, like her Les Cles for example or the […]


As I was just listing another fabulous scarf by Madame Laurence Bourthoumieux (or Thioune), I realized that she deserves a special recognition here.  Toutsy for short, has created some truly remarkable scarves for the Maison Hermes.  A gifted artist, her first creation I believe to be Tropiques, which was first issued in 1988. The iconic Giverny was issued […]

Hermes Silk Scarf 2000 L’Annee des Nouveaux Jours – Special Issue

Oh how simple! Devoid of intricate lines, patterns and color, this atypical Hermes scarf,  the 2000 L’Annee des Nouveaux Jours, is perhaps therefore even more wonderfully effective! In 2000 to ring in the New Year and a New Century, Hermes commissioned Jean-Jacques Sempé; a famous French cartoonist, who goes simply by Sempé. Like his name, his scarf too, […]

I have started 3 blogs but haven’t finished 1

I have started to write three separate blogs, one about my experience with a new dry cleaner, (the one recommended by the local Hermes boutique), another one about an elusive scarf and the third one about my little (but steadily growing) video collection.  Alsas neither is finished and worth publishing… But this weekend I shall […]