Pois de Soie Hermès© Scarf by Caty Latham (2011)

Pois de Soie Hermès© Scarf by Caty Latham (2011) – AVAILABLE

Meet the fun Pois de Soie (Silk Dots)!

Latham’s 2011 Silk Dots scarf, like her Couvee d’Hermes, Mémoire d’Hermes and Soleil de Soie, bursts with references to many familiar Hermès© carres; here as is the case with the Soleil de Soie, to her very own creations.

Her rather elaborate Brandebourgs Hermès© carre for example, is simply represented by the now famous button closure.

Her 2007 Bolduc au Carre is featured repeatedly and cleverly holds both her signature as well as the Hermès© copyright.

Caty Latham incorporated simply too many of her designs to mention them all, but here are a few to start with:

Tibet, Farandole and Neige d’Antan … well, and perhaps one more …

Enjoy as you discover her hidden, or not so hidden, clues!

Please do not miss my latest video on this delightful 2011 design.

Pois de Soie Hermes Scarf “Vintage Silk” was designed by Caty Latham in 2011 – AVAILABLE

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