My least favorite Hermes scarf…

I know… How can I possibly even say such a thing!

Please let me explain.  “It” was a gift, a very generous gift, but not my first choice as far as the colors were concerned.  A vintage original issue Hermes Eperon d’Or, I should have been thrilled! But I could not get passed what I called “blah”, colors, which in my opinion did nothing for my skin tone and did not go with anything I owned.  Simply, this scarf lacked that certain pizzazz.

Feeling very guilty and definitely ungrateful, I still folded it neatly and tucked it into one of my scarf drawers.  I thought at least I should take some photos for my flickr page and so I did.

That same evening, going out to dinner, all dressed up ready to go I realized, I had to bring a scarf  because the wind had picked up. Wind is a real problem on Malta. So I grabbed the only scarf within reach, the very same Eperon, that I photographed earlier that afternoon and had not had the chance to “shove” back into a drawer.  I hesitated as I contemplated my outfit and scarf choice, but my friends a little impatient (and definitely hungry) insisted on getting going.

I wore it, the entire evening, at dinner, over dessert…  I really liked the soft vintage silk against my neck.  When some water accidentally splattered on it in the bathroom, I was not outraged, like I would have been with some of my “favorites”.  I checked myself out in the mirror and had to admit this scarf was not THAT bad, really…

After a lovely dinner, I threw it over the back of a chair in the dressing room on the way to bed.  The next morning I had to run to the post office and because the wind had not subsided, I grabbed the same Eperon that hung over the chair from the night before.  And I found myself reaching for it more and more.

No, it was definitely NOT love at first sight.

But I have to admit, I truly love this scarf now.

As a matter of fact I don’t wear any other scarf as much as I do this Eperon.  I love it because it is a true work horse.  Starting out “imperfect”, has allowed me not to worry about “ruining” it.  It is a chameleon, in that its colors I once thought of as drab, go with just about anything and everything that hangs in my closet.

I absolutely adore how it feels and drapes, both qualities that only come with its 40 years of age.  This scarf has been an absolute “must” accessory for me and I take it on all my travels.  I get more compliments on it than any of my other scarves…
Simply said: I love my Eperon d’Or!



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