Perhaps the Loveliest of them all…

If you love the Classics (and yes, I am referring to the Hermes Classics) one cannot overlook the genius of Henri de Linares – even if hunting is not your “thing”.

Having grown up in central Europe with uncles, who were very serious gentleman hunters,  I have to admit, I have a romanticized idea of hunting.  Dressed in their Loden uniforms with boots polished and hats adorned with feathers, my uncles would set out for the woods. I on the other hand prefer my hunting viewed on canvas or as is the case here, on silk.

Le Retour du Chasseur (or Lapins Morts) carre by Henri de Linares took my breath away the first time I saw it. His better-than-life version of a hunter’s bounty is filled with such detail, that leaves me searching for words. (and that is rare in my case!)

IMG_1816 (2)

Le Retour du Chasseur from 1952 – personal collection

If you have never seen this carre in person, then I assure you, it is quite spectacular!  The lifelike detail and the visual perspective are amazing.  The colors are vibrant and incredibly lifelike.  Against the elegant backdrop of a toile wallcovering, this still life could not be any more French, or more perfect!


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