Couvee d’Hermes Hermès© Scarf by Caty Latham

Caty Latham’s design reminds us of the iconic Hermès© carrés preceding it … enjoy!

Couvée d’Hermès Hermès© carré by Caty Latham (1994) – AVAILABLE

The guardian angel of the house of Hermès© – the horse, of course – was no longer content with merely crowing occasionally (a symptom of national pride) and decided to follow the example of the crocodile and lay eggs.

Two reactions to this unexpected gift are possible. The erudite one would be to determine exactly which detail from an Hermès© scarf was painted on each of these eggs. Or one could be gluttonous, which would lead straight to an omelet.

Le Carré Hermès Paris – Hermès© (Éditions HERMÈS, Paris 1994)

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