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Faune et Flore Du Texas – Texas Wildlife Hermès carre by Kermit Oliver (1992)

The name of this scarf truly says it all and Kermit Oliver in his masterful delivery displays the biodiversity of Texas in a way that is as varied as it is beautiful.

Texas covers some 268,596 square miles (695,660 km2) making it the second largest state in the United States right behind Alaska.

Located in the South-Central region of the US, it is home to an incredibly rich and diverse wildlife.  

Texas can claim over 425 different butterfly varieties, 634 unique birds, close to 800 fish and to top it off over 4,500 native plant species. Of course, Oliver could not represent all of them in his incredible and by now iconic design, so he perhaps chose the ones most unique to Texas like the Ocelot, the Guadalupe Bass and the Nine Banded Armadillo.

The Ocelot is hiding behind a Greater Roadrunner, a permanent Texas resident
The Nine-banded Armadillo scurries around as both a Northern Mockingbird and a Red-Tailed Hawk look on

But with all this diversity why did Oliver choose a turkey to be so prominently and memorably featured in his design?

Well, I can only surmise that it might be because Texas not only has the largest population of wild turkeys in the entire US, but the state is home to three of the five native turkey varieties thus making a turkey the perfect candidate!

If you have never seen this design in person, I can assure you that it will not disappoint; rich and detailed one simply does not tire of it!
As for me, I find this design intriguing and truly exceptional and I definitely never tire of it as I discover a new bird, a different butterfly, a vine previously missed with each and every viewing.

And so I marvel each and every time at all the beauty so delicately preserved in this incredible masterpiece, this wearable piece of art!

And so without further ado, I present to you Kermit Oliver’s Faune et Flore Du Texas – Texas Wildlife Hermès Scarf

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Faune et Flore Du Texas – Texas Wildlife Hermes silk scarf (100% silk) – GRAIL – Available

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